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BORRN Journal

Like a baby journal, BORRN Journal will capture the journey of BORRN, and also share insights with parents on their own journey.

  1. Should you switch to silicone? What parents think of BORRN silicone feeding bottles.

    Should you switch to silicone? What parents think of BORRN silicone feeding bottles.

    Recently the UK's No.1 parenting media MadeForMums has done a survey with the participation of dozens of mums living in the UK. They have been asked if they'd think of switching from usual plastic or glass baby feeding bottles to one made from silicone? Those mums (namely testers) revealed what they thought of BORRN silicone feeding bottles.

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  2. BORRN Selected As one of Top UK-Made Baby Brands by MAKE-IT-BRITISH

    We've got a piece of great news to share with you! It's glad to announce BORRN has been selected as one of Top UK-Made Baby Brands by Make It British.

    Make It British, founded by Kate Hills (previously a renowned British fashion designer with rich experience in the retail industry) promotes amazing British-made brands and helps businesses get their products manufactured in the UK. Having been acknowledged by BBC, CNN, The Huffington Post, Independent, Marie Claire... Kate is passionate about making in the UK and has devoted the last ten years to shining a light on British brands and local manufacturing. 

    Recently they released a list of Top UK-Made Baby Brands; among other brands that earned a place on the write-up are Britannical

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  3. BORRN obtained An Award from LUXlife Parent & Baby Magazine

    BORRN recently obtained a LUXlife Award 2020 for the Best Mess-Free Bottle Brand in the UK in the category Parents and Baby Awards.

    LUXlife - A prestige

    LUX is a renowned standalone premium lifestyle publication by AI Global Media. LUXlife, praised by its subscribers and trusted by millions worldwide, covers diverse niches like fashion, health, food, etc. They enlist and award some of the world's most well-known companies, personalities, high-end innovations, and commodities.

    A journey through the nomination process

    • The award nominations are made either by the publisher,
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  4. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

    BORRN Free Printables BORRN Silicone Bottle BORRN Silicone Teether

    To combat coronavirus and protect the NHS, everyone is asked to stay home and practice social distancing. 

    The change of behaviour is definitely challenging, especially for families with younger child, schools and nurseries closed, parents needs to be even more flexible and creative at home with their little ones.

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  5. Honourable Mention at the International Design Award

    Honourable Mention at the International Design Award

    BORRN received the Honourable Mention from the International Design Awards (IDA), a worldwide recognisable award exists to recognise, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries.

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  6. What is BPA 100% free ?

    What is BPA and why BPA - BORRN benefits

    Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound put in resins and some types of plastics during manufacture process since 1960s. Being consistently used in food and drink packaging, it is not aware by the public until it is found to be harmful to human bodies. Nowadays BPA is known as an endocrine-disrupting compound which acts like hormones or disrupts normal hormone functions.

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  7. Mothers Happy Feeding Baby with BORRN Silicone Bottle


    BORRN Silicone feeding bottle has a unique and signature design, our bottles are 100% sealed with silicone.

    Silicone is the best materials compare to glass and plastic as plastic might release toxic and potentially harmful chemicals like plastic, while glass are fragile to handle.

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  8. BORRN Shortlisted for the Mother & Baby Awards 2020

    BORRN Shortlisted for the Mother & Baby Awards 2020

    BORRN is shortlisted for the Mother & Baby Awards 2020 under the category of Best Teething Product!

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  9. BORRN Silicone Bottle on CNN Style’s list of baby gifts for the Royal Family

    BORRN Silicone Bottle makes CNN Style’s list of baby gifts for Prince Harry and Princess Meghan

    BORRN is honored to be mentioned as a product worthy of the royal baby’s nursery! It is a great compliment and recognition of our products.

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  10. BORRN on Dezeen

    BORRN on Dezeen

    James Melia, designer of BORRN Silicone Bottle explains his inspiration, concepts and designs for BORRN in an interview with Dezeen.

    Dezeen is the world’s most popular and influential design magazine online.

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  11. BORRN is born!

    BORRN is born!

    Our mission is to be a brand that stays with every family and make parenting easier. For over two years, BORRN researched various ways to deliver this mission. In 2019, BORRN became ready to make parenting easier for mothers and fathers.

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