We are BORRN hungry
– BORRN Silicone Bottle

Born with a sharp look and bright in colors, BORRN’s soft and squishy silicon bottles are hard to put down.

BORRN’s bottles are toxic free because it is 100% sealed with silicone, therefore no milk would contact with plastic.

The ultra wide neck 2-piece design save time and effort to clean, easy breezy!

  • - Ultra wide neck 2-piece design
  • - BPA Free
  • - Mess Free
  • - Worry Free

BORRN’s soft and squishy silicon bottles

BORRN Feeding Bottle

Haptic touch
silicone body

Skin-like soft touch for
baby to squeeze and hold.

Scratch and hit proof,

BORRN Feeding Bottle

Ultra wide neck
2-piece design

No random parts,
easy to bring together.

Ultra wide neck,
handy for cleaning. 

BORRN Feeding Bottle

Total silicone
inner surface

No milk contact
with plastic.

Not prone to stains
and easy to clean.

BORRN Feeding Bottle

Breast-like Teat

Super flexible nipple moves
and feel like skin to latch,
best comfort for babies.

Anti-colic DuoValve System
help minimize gas ingestion.

BORRN Feeding Bottle

DuoValve System

Prevent air
bubbles forming.

Allow perfect
milk flow.

Reduce colic and
general discomfort.


Medical & Food-grade Silicone

Medical and food-grade silicone does not contain nor release BPA which has proven harmful to human bodies and development of babies.

Silicone is highly durable and high temperature resistant, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Silicone is not prone to stains and can be cleaned easily.


Toxic-free, mess-free products.

Toxic FREE Total silicone inner surface, no milk contact with plastic
Mess FREE Our 2-piece-design baby bottle makes things easy breezy.
Burp FREE Constantly evolving – we never stop upgrading our designs, a totally burp free milk bottle is our ultimate goal.