BORRN obtained an award from UK's No.1 Parenting Media "MadeForMums"

MFM Awards 2022 Winners – Breastfeeding and bottlefeeding products

BORRN got an award of BRONZE in the section of Silicone Baby Bottle from UK's No.1 Parenting Media "MadeForMums".

The MadeForMums' methodology and selection criteria:-

"Our team of home testers put a huge number of varied products to the test across these categories, providing fantastic feedback on the products that really helped them to feed easily and comfortably."

"We tested each product for its effectiveness, examining how well it performed at feeding time with both parent and hungry baby."

"We also considered the quality and whether the product was worth the money: especially if that money represented a big investment."

The winners performed well with both our home testers and our editorial team, and are the products we believe will really help make feeding time that little bit easier.